The wedding D day

Finally, the day has come, the day with D! In all the excitement, and especially if you are in love with your future spouse, you probably didn’t pay so much attention to the arrangements for a wedding photographer. A trifle, true, but still kind of important. Now we will see why.

Years have passed and you and your loved one are going back to your memories of your wedding day. Or even better: you want to watch the cursed thing after you are back from your honey moon. Surely, there is the video tape that your bestman took, and yea, you are both laughing heartily seeing how drunk he must have been while doing the job, or maybe regretting trusting the task to this particular person just because he happened to possess an excellent peice of equipment. You watch, half-terrified, listening to his flat jokes to some of the quests; you tend to remember the sour face on your mother-in-law’s face; you probably were too happy at the time to pay attention. But now it hits you.

Scarier version: the photos form the day arrive, all best quality developed, you do want the best to remember the day! Both of you browse through, searching, hoping “the good shot” will be coming in a sec. No such thing. The photographer obviously had more fun than you. The set pictures, which were supposed to be put in frames afterwards, all of them are quite dark. You search for at least one good one, just to remeber the thing without haing nightmares. Nope, none. The other thing – well , he obviously was quite a joker, as most photos are close-ups of people you know and love, but in their most awkward moments. And then – the thing for flowers. Tons of pictures of flowers were made, apparently. Nice huge-looking petals, the white lillies, chrisantemeums, ribbons, the bride’s floral motifs…all is here for you to re-experience.

You are desperate – the photos are worse than the tape. Next time you marry – get the more expensive version, and hire professonals.

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The latest wedding tendencies

Weddings are not what they used to be. Probably few of us would remember the stories about their grandparents’ wedding day, but still, it was tradition. A tradition that had been kept for centuries sometimes.

Nowadays, we are striving to be not just modern, but more unconventional than it is sometimes humanly possible. I am sure that all of you have heard stories about strange weddings – it is either about location, the ceremony, the bride’s dress, the guests, or whatever. The stranger – the better.

I wonder. Of course, wedding days (and hopefully nights) are said to be the most memorable thing in your life. Yet, is it really worth it to spend a small fortune on a wedding? Is it really worth inviting like a thousand people – some of whom you have never met before?

Some want to get married in an exotic fashion. They would go to the Carribeans, hire whatever “priest”, and make it all different. Why, we have heard about people planning to get married in space! And so what?

It is going to be on the news, do not get me wrong. But then most probably all are just going to forget about it until the next sensation strikes; this is how it goes. And all your effort to shine and be distinguishable is kind of lost.

What to do then? If you are asking me – make it your own way, because, believe it or not, every wedding is inevitably different. Both of you are unique people and things can never be banal if you were brave enough to undertake the step. So being different is not, and should not be your fixation, but you need to firstly realise that it is how things are by default.

Drawing the line, you need not worry. Most weddings are true disasters, but, hey, you are going to remeber this for the rest of your life! Trusting yourself is always the best policy. Period.

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The perfect wedding photographer

In front of the castle, in the cellar and in the bathtub. On the stairs, in front of the mirror and on the bed. Our wedding photographer has taken out all from us, and in every available angle at which the rain could not reach us – everything is photographed. With success. The photos are fantastic.

From the registry office – to the church ceremony, to the food and the celebration – all day she is almost invisible and unnoticably slinking around us and the guests; all have perfectly formed into small groups, encouraged the bridesmaids to strike unusual poses and captured the new husband and me from what seems to be our best side. She got us captured just really professionally. All seems perfect when the wedding photos come out, and me and my brand new hubby are satisfied and blush away at all moments remebered.

As nice as the photos are, it is so hard to find a good photographer. Importantly, there must necessarily be a firm concept of it in your head – whatever you want to memories in the form of photos. And you should take a closer look at the work of the photographer beforehand. Depending on whether to represent and come out as more of a classic pair, and more group pictures, or preferably unusual perspectives and combinations in, the person behind the lens should fit and have the right ideas.

Now everything is packed and ready, though, the hubby was safely stowed on the plane to Australia and I am eqipped with two huge suitcases and a great collection of wedding photos and landing in Cologne.

In December, I see the lady again, for a second wedding in Adelaide. Then there’s finally a decent honey moon: a post-wedding road trip from Melbourne to Sydney, and even more beautiful photos are expected to be coming our way.

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